Buckle Up

Graduates of 2017 where you at?

You know that feeling when you want to say everything you wanted to say in the last four years but couldn’t? It’s probably because the time you had at that moment couldn’t compensate for the amount of ‘thank yous’ and ‘remember whens’ you wanted to say. That was graduation for me. I thought four years was enough for me to do my part as a teenager in this generation but it was merely a fragment of what was needed. Since first year all I wanted to do was graduate and then when the time came all I wanted to do was to press pause. I think about what I was leaving behind: friendships, good food and laughter which will be replaced by more recent ones of the future to come. This may sound like a typical ‘I don’t want to leave but want to move on‘ type of post but it will still give you that lasting thought of what was once the present is now the past.

Time will pass but will you?”

That was my motto for most of my high school life. Maybe the possibility of passing or failing levelled my head and prepared me for the worst and psyched me for the best. I guess time will never really tell how a person would feel in a once in a lifetime experience. Sometimes it hits you a few weeks before or the day before or even the day after. But see that’s when the unexplainable feeling in your chest comes and it is as if your heart started to weigh a million pounds. You also start to reminisce about past memories and shared laughters. It will never be the same emotion that you get when it happened but that old melancholy feeling hits you and suddenly tears brim in the corners of your eyes.

Getting to the sentimental part of graduation, possibly never seeing some of the faces beside you in your batch photo. Possibly losing contact with those people that you promised to stay in touch with no matter what.┬áIt’s a bittersweet feeling to think of the many years of someone’s company becoming just a fragment of your memory. On a sweet note, we should be grateful being able to meet these wonderful people and know their unique personas.

Here comes college life. That first time in your life when you’re starting off on an entirely clean slate with a more conscious state of mind (I guess). Unlike kindergarten or grade school where you don’t have that mentality of people annoyingly judging you because all you cared about was being first in line on the slide. This is where we face real life challenges and it will be our choices that will make a difference for us. Starting to sound scary right? Well here’s when the plot twists come and all we can do now is wait, wait for the for the first day, the first friend and the first test. Don’t worry, it’s only the start of your whole life.